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Sushan Soni is the CEO of Sonitek international. He heads the company’s operations in Canada. He is known for his entrepreneurship spirit, which is evident from his projects. He has an unparallel understanding of the technological trends and their implications on the market.

After a brief stint working for Rogers telecom, Sushan Soni turned to medical transcription. His initial success encouraged him to take more risks. He saw an opportunity in the burgeoning IT business and established Sonitek International.

The company is committed to finding intelligent solutions for the market. It is creating user experiences that connect technological advancement to the industry’s needs. Sushan Soni has guided the company to become a prominent name in the IT solutions industry.

Sonitek International aims to provide solutions that make a difference. It uses some of the most complex technologies to revolutionize the industry. Of course, it also provides lasting value on their investments.

Sushan Soni uses his experience, technological insight and innovative spirit to benefit the industry. His brainchild, Sonitek International, was also founded on the same principle. The company is undoubtedly successful, and is exploring new terrains to conquer.

Over the years, the company has expanded extensively in Canada and India. It has emerged to be an IT power serving clients in different countries.

The journey of this entrepreneur has been phenomenal. He still has an appetite for innovation and excellence. So, you can expect more action from this entrepreneur.